What exactly is
the Esportbits?

Esportbits utility consists of:



This is required in order to do digital assets emission and provide reserves that is used to guarantee asset quality. Think of it as a Binance token with 100% discount on transaction fees.



Esportbits reserves are used for riskless clearing & settlement. Employing a standard emission structure and token for all digital assets allows for seamless value transfer without risks.



Our reserve system provides minimum level liquid guaranteed on all long-tail assets created via HyperLoot Protocol. To integrate additional liquidity, we integrated all major digital marketplaces.


What problem are you solving?

We create liquidity in the long tail digital assets that are otherwise illiquid. It’s a new industry standard that helps solve difficulties in engaging and creating loyal users, creating healthy monetization strategies while creating a whole new type of developer-gamer relations.

Do you have a product?

We provide a lineup of products fulfilling the most critical applications. The lineup includes: a gamer-oriented item wallet, and item auction, emission and liquidity solutions. The key auction product is Lootmart - an auction providing guaranteed liquidity for any ERC721 or ERC-20 asset created and released for trade. Hyperloot is a gamer-centered wallet with visual representation for items. It is a place for users to see new items and offers.

Why are you better than competition?

Unlike WAX, ENJIN, FLIP and other “closed-source” exchange tokens, Esportbits provides liquidity in the illiquid long-tail market. Such an approach allows for item airdrop directly to new/prospective consumers reducing user acquisition costs while providing “last mile” of engagement and relationships. Unlike competitors we are the only open source project founded by non-profit association. We are also the only one that provides zero transaction fees and aggregates liquidity by integrating with other market exchanges.

Why does the market need an esports standard token?

It is need to provide market transfer clearing and liquidity while reducing costs and risks. There are many different long-tail digital assets out there and there are new ones appearing all the time. For now, they remain illiquid. To create long-tail liquid assets the market needs compatibility, relative value and a clearing tool. Esportbits is this tool, making community activation and engagement effective and cheaper while resolving relationship issues, they face now.

What is the market size for Esportbits?

Esports is the next big entertainment phenomenon. Esports is expected to grow from USD 0.9 bn to USD 1.6 bn within next 3 years. There are 2.3 billion gamers in the world. Around 1.2 billion gamers (55% of all gamers) in the world are engaged in competitive gaming (playing against other gamers). 2016-2021 esports revenue CAGR is predicted at 27,4%.

Why would people adopt your technology?

Esportbits is the only zero-fee transactions network. We help game developers reduce costs of user acquisition via airdrops, additional services and exposure to new audiences. Esportbits are also used for prospective products promotion across the entire network. We consider our gaming-related tokens our partners and always work to deploy them within our network.

What is your business model?

We reduce costs of user acquisition and engagement and take our share. Long-tail markets are highly inefficient and we drive on that. We provide true ownership of digital assets and open trade paired with liquidity across multiple systems which reduces costs in terms of marketing and lowers the entry barrier for esports.

Where can I buy your token?

Our token is currently trading on two exchanges and is in the process of entering the CoinMarketCap rating system. Emission began on 7th of July, 2018 and you can purchase it by visiting C2CX.

What is the legal structure behind the token?

All of the tokens were created by the Estonian non-profit organization. It also is the seller of tokens to exchanges and OTC brokers. You can review publicly available information here: https://www.c2cx.com/in/trade/PAX_HLT

Where can I learn more about the token?

You can find all the technical information at the GitHub page here: https://github.com/hyperloot/esportsbits. Etherscan page: https://etherscan.io/token/0xa809d363a66c576a2a814cdbfefc107c600a55f0, API here: https://circulation-supply-hyperloot.herokuapp.com/

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