It’s time for our favorite – product announcements!

We’re coming to a close on testing and opening up a beta for our marketplace!

Hyperloot and Esportbits set out toa chieve an ambitious goal - leading gaming market into a new era and accelerating blockchain adoption. Over time, we’ve developed a set of tool sot help us get there faster.

One of them is Lootmart – it a simplified auction that is powered by Esportbits. What does it do? Makes our token real and useful. LootMart is our own solution for creating a decentralized marketplace centered around our token.
Think of it as an eBay that lets you pay our tokens for any gaming-related item out there. It allows for a fiat-token turnover with price discovery of items relative to our token.

Lootmart features:

  • Liquidity sharing across our partner network
  • Familiar auction-like trading experience
  • Price discovery or illiquid digital assets
  • Games, merchandise and gaming items sold directly in HLT

Simply put - buy real items with HLT!

We are currently developing a direct fiat on-ramp that will let you convert HLT into USD directly through Lootmart with our top-of-the-line partner including bank-grade security and blazing fast transactions!

It’s a great way to start using those bounty tokens if yous till got them! If not - you can get some soon enough or go to one to the exchanges and buy them. All of the items emitted using Esportbits will be available on Lootmart!

Wanna know more? Check out our “Lootmart: How to” video here:

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