A lot has been going on inside Hyperloot and Esporbits lately: we’ve finished development on the wallet, are coming to an end on QA for our marketplace, paid out bounty and acquired new partners. All of that is, of course, reflected on the token itself.

As we stated in our previous article, the design of the token remains the same. It’s a native app token that fuels item emission and transfer.

The combined valuation of all HLT in circulation at any given time period consists of four major blocks:

  • First, the combined value of all HLT locked up, for the purchases of Master Nodes via HLPMT master node token.
  • Second, the combined value of all HLT tokens staked for the purposes of in-game asset emission.
  • Third, the combined value of p2p clearing & settlement partners that may want to provide financial liquidity to the global p2p marketplace.
  • Fourth, the size of transactions that will take place on Hyperloot layer over Ethereum. These can be: exchange, barter, loan, collateral, custody.

The token is mined over time, so there’s a limited number available for purchase. Usually, emission is divided between the master node owners, the DAO and the investment fund, 40% is divided between master node owners relatively to the amount of HLPMT held. 30% is sent to the investment fund and 30% is sent to the DAO in order to fund the operations. It is designed in a way that correspond token supply to adoption. Such a design allows for relative stability of pricing and constant transaction volume within the system. We feel like this was a good way to design a healthy economy within our product. It is important for us to maintain transparency and deliver on our promises on creating actual products.

Lately, however, with the bounty payout and trading starting to take place more tokens than usually have entered the market. At the same time, we’ve entered trading on a second exchange leading to increasing free trade. Due to increased sale numbers the price dropped to $0,2. This is a normal situation that we’ve been expected. Moreover, it is a typical situation for any utility token.

As token trading is not our primary business model, we are not subsiding the token price at this time.
However, this situation will be counterbalanced within two moths by our new partners that are in the process of emitting items at this very time. We expect a token buy-out by the end of this month.

So, if you’re one of our early adopters or are holding our tokens for sale, you can rest assured our plans have not changed and the price change shows the liquidity of our token.

There’s more good news to come and we will be back this month with other exciting announcements!

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