We are the Hyperloot. Our aim is to unify game universes and create an easy-to-access cross-game item trading marketplace.

Our protocol’s main ambition is to make digital assets as good as real ones and provide free trade environment for them.

What is the HLT token and why do developers need it?

It’s a cryptocurrency token based on the most available and expanded blockchain — Ethereum ERC20. It resolves quite a number of everyday issues.

The main idea of the protocol is to make all of the in-game assets: items, accounts and attributes transferable.

Basically, make anyone being able to transfer ownership of anything inside a game.

Yes, sure, you can still safely store, sell and buy them. But all of those actions require the ability to trade, own and decide on digital assets in the same way they do with real possessions.

HLT is the lifeblood of the project. It lets the community evaluate games and items as well as facilitating deals.

It is the currency we pay for the protocol development in, it is used to pay the fees, reward people for completing challenges and performing other daily activities.

Why does the protocol need the token?

Tokens are different, usually any company going through an ICO will sell most of the tokens in the beginning to cover the development costs and raise the token price. We are not in this business and will not pre-mine instead going somewhat Bitcoin-y and mining along the product development itself.

We’re not really into the ICO model because of the price overinflation at the start of non-developed projects.

We’re not into the idea that someone will hold the largest stake in the community because of the investment.

Hyperloot is striving to be a DAO with freely mined tokens providing equal rights to participation for everyone.

Hyperloot is not withholding tokens for the team, it does not freeze any amount somewhere, does not allocate tokens for the development. At the smart contract release there is exactly 0 tokens so that everyone is equal in their right to them.

How do I receive tokens?

Of course you can mine some, but you go to hold some nodes. (You can read about them in the previous materials and we’ll release a separate article.)

Keep an eye out for updates, our token will soon be tradable on a number of decentralized exchanges.

However, the most interesting way to earn some tokens is to help us develop Hyperloot as a part of DAO. Join the team at GitHub, complete challenges and get rewarded in tokens. Being a DAO we are open to anyone who wants to participate or influence development.

Even if you’re not a developer -there’s plenty of tasks to take care of. Join GitHub, Discord or Telegram, get notified of non-developer challenges, help us deliver and surely get rewards as well. Be a part of a new gaming market, we’re already off!



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