At the heart of every great product is one and one thing only — great people. HyperLoot aims to create a unique organizational structure (similar to Valve): a decentralized development team.

HyperLoot is building decentralized, blockchain P2P marketplace for cross-game items trading and tokenization. To make a decentralized solution you have to be decentralized from the start. And we strongly believe that. To start things off we’re looking for Solidity developers. Our end goal? A complete Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

The first step is releasing a Smart contract. It will act as a development roadmap and financial service. It will set the dev challenges and award payments for completion upholding the roadmap. Based on our requirements people will develop an environment for developers to have fun, gain new competencies and get work done.

At this point we will start with a GitHub environment paired with the DAO smart contract. It will have the functionality to create tasks, complete them, get rewarded, create challenges, propositions and forks.

As you complete tasks and gain new skills your level of involvement grows. The level of tasks you can complete grows along with your involvement opening up new level of challenges. You can gain skill in different areas, evaluate tasks completed by others, create them yourself or even start separate projects.

We’re hitting the ground running with a trading protocol. It will be the first in a toolset — an easy-to-adopt cross-trade solution. It will make game-to-game item trading possible.

An HLT token will be minted to support the development effort. This will make paying for the development possible. To be successful and consistent in payments there will be no pre-mining. Tokens will be released according to development and roadmap milestones.

Contact us if you’re interested in participating in a completely new decentralized development paradigm. You will not only help us, but every other developer to come: all of what we do together will be open-sourced and available online.

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