Solidity developers wanted!

At the heart of every great product is one and one thing only — great people. HyperLoot aims to create a unique organizational structure (similar to Valve) a decentralized development team.


Hyperloot smart contract goes live 7th July

We’re excited to launch out smart contract infrastructure aimed at releasing rewards and mining tokens!


Why zero pre-mine for HLT token?

We are the Hyperloot. Our aim is to unify game universes and create an easy-to-access cross-game item trading marketplace.


How to join the community and get some shiny tokens

The bounty campaign starts on September 15, 2018 and ends on October 30, 2018. The rewards will be given to the first 30,000 users who joined our telegram bot so hurry up, the countdown has started!


Bounty stage 1 completion

Good news everyone! Out bounty was a success! We've attracted signnificant attention to our core products and created a starter community to adopt them!


Bounty payouts completion

We're happy to announce we've dealt with all the payouts and resolved every bounty-related question we received.


New token name, why?

You might have noticed we recently rebranded the token into Esportbits. It’s time to talk a bit about that.


Token pricing, what is going on?

A lot has been going on inside Hyperloot and Esporbits lately. All of that is, of course, reflected on the token itself.


Marketplace, rolling out!

It's time we set our our auction in beta gear.


Coinmarket cap listing announcement

We're officially listed on coinmarketcap.


First gaming wallet released!

Our online inventory for your next adventure is available on AppStore.

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